Melody Meisel-President, re:Sources
Mark’s contribution to our project was acclaimed. It was what the project needed, and warmly acknowledged by all, including executive producer Steven Spielberg.
Ty Granaroli-Creative Director, Paramount Pictures
Mark’s musical talent is not only broad, he’s also very easy to work with. He brought a certain level of taste to the project we worked on together, and collaborated well.
Rod Lathim-Playwright/Director Founder Access Theatre
Mark wrote original music for our productions at Access Theatre in Santa Barbara during the 80s and 90s. His music is rich and timeless and was a major factor in the success of many of our productions which toured the US and abroad. He is a talented, creative composer with diverse skills to fit film, theatre, television, and children’s stories and beyond. He has a vast reservoir of musical content and is great a composing elements to perfectly fit a project.
Karen Robertson-Author and President,Treasure Bound Books, and Treasure Kai Series
We worked with Mark Henderson to compose an original score for the storybook app, Zak the Yak with Books on His Back. Set in Nepal, the story portrays Zak’s journey as he delivers books to the children whose school bookshelves are empty (mirroring the true story of the book’s author, John Wood, who founded Room to Read). Mark captured the spirit of both Nepal and Zak the Yak, and his music gives the app a cinematic feel. ‘Bravo!’ said John Wood, when he heard the theme music for the first time. Mark is a dream to work with, and our team highly recommends him.
Keith English-Animator and Executive Director,Screaming Pixels
Mark is a gifted musician and composer, and has worked on many award-winning projects with me over the years, taking modest budgets and creating some of the most compelling commercial music I’ve ever heard.
Richard Lambert-President, The Idea Bank
My favorite moment in each production? When I hear Mark’s score played against the images for the first time. His creative compositions always elevate the quality of our films. They did in our first productions seventeen years ago, and I look forward to that “favorite moment” in all the films that lie ahead.
Deborah Hutchison-Producer The Incredible Journey Of Berta Benz
As the producer/co-director of the animated film, The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz, I want to thank you Mark for the wonderful music you created for this film! 

Mark is very professional and easy to work with. He was conscious about the nuances in each scene and scored accordingly. His music clearly set moods which helped to enhance the film. I will work with Mark again and would highly recommend him for scoring your next project.
Jon Williams-Filmmaker at Table Rock Productions, Inc.
Mark is an incredibly talented composer and performer who has no trouble understanding what a client is after and then delivering it. We were beyond pleased with his work and his professionalism.
Dana Morrow-Producer/Director with Road Show Media
Mark has composed and recorded music for projects for me over the last 5 years. Mark is truly a great talent in his field as a composer and a musical artist. What he brings to the table is amazing. He can make a production come to life. I cannot say enough great things about Mark’s talent, and the fact that he is a true joy to work with.
John Klawitter-Writer, Director, Producer
Mark is an incredibly talented composer and performer who has no trouble understanding what a client is after, and then delivering it. We were beyond pleased with his work and his professionalism.
Dave Jensen-Owner of Dajen Productions
Mark was willing to come to our studio, and deal with our hectic needs. He also at one time did all this by telephone, which was great for us! His score was perfect, creative, and then some. I would recommend Mark Henderson to anyone, and I have, many times.
Michael Hanrahan-Producer/Owner of the Ocean Channel
I had the pleasure to work with Mark Henderson on a TV program I was directing. I was a documentary filmmaker, and I ended up having Mark Henderson provide 100% of the music for the content. His was very emotional and dynamic, which helped my film capture people’s hearts, and kept it exciting all the way to the end. One thing I was impressed about was that he is a great listner. He really cared about what I had to say to complete my projects, rather than selling his view to me. I would strongly recommend anyone to work with Mark Henderson, to enhance whatever you are trying to accomplish with your show, product, service, or company.
Michelle Anya-Author of children’s e-books
Mark is an amazingly creative talent who knows his craft. The musical cues he created greatly enhanced the quality of the Grendel’s Great Escape book app. His cues set the stage for fun interaction from start to finish. Mark was great to work with, and I look forward to working with him in the future.
Ned Shaw-Creative Director of Marketing, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Mark, when I called on you to score some music projects for the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, I knew the challenge was daunting. Both projects called for music that had to fulfill several parameters. Each was on a tight time frame. Each had to be managed on a tight budget. I found you to be a total professional. Taking my art direction well, working quickly and very creatively, you gave us superb craftsmanship! Musically, it was just what I asked for. My ears were smiling (I know that is difficult to picture, but it was true)! In addition, you worked well with our post houses, and were on top of the projects from start to finish. You do very fine work, and I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone with high standards and a requirement of creativity and thoroughness.
Kristin Heitman-Creative Director, Appmedia.com
Mark Henderson wrote the music for our new app. We had a great experience working with him. I believe it’s extremely hard to describe what kind of music I thought of, but Mark was able to read my thoughts! The music is perfect. I can strongly recommend working with him. Quick, easy, very responsive, and the sound is simply amazing! On top of that, I was surprised that his professional work is affordable!
Yandhie Dono Pratopo-Producer, Dreamrocket Singapore
I would like to introduce Mark Henderson, the talented music composer who helped us to produce the BGM for our latest game. Additionally, he helped to work on the voice recording of no less than five voice talents. Mark is very passionate with what he does, and is absolutely great to collaborate with. He can do any music genre or style as required by the clients. The BGM pieces he did were fantastic, and his enthusiasm and punctuality are super pro. As has been proven with us, distance and time difference is not a problem at all. I look forward for the chance to work with Mark again in the future. I highly recommend him, as I’m sure he can do what you’d expect from a professional music composer.
Cyndie Seybourn-Author, Smarty Britches Nouns and Smarty Britches Verbs
The original music composer for Smarty Britches is Mark Henderson. Mark is more than an original music composer; he is a visionary. He studied the text, the illustrations, the movements, and the sound sprites. He examined the app’s page-by-page creation, and he then designed a musical strategy like none I have seen in any app.