“Life is an endless stream of inspiration, and I am grateful to be blessed with an inventive nature, which gives me the ability to channel my inspiration into memorable music.”
Mark Henderson, award-winning composer

Mark Henderson left his hometown of Santa Barbara for Los Angeles, where he founded Blazing Cactus Music in the 1990s. At first a commercial jingle house, Blazing Cactus Music soon branched out to take on a wide range of musical projects for the entertainment industry. Mark took over Blazing Cactus Music in 2000.

Today, Mark is internationally recognized for his exceptional and enduring musical compositions. Known for his versatility and integrity, for over 30 years Mark has written memorable melodies for motion pictures, video games, mobile app games, book apps, TV & radio commercials, events, corporate audio signatures, acclaimed recording artists, and theater productions. His long list of prominent clients includes such highlights as: DreamWorks, Universal Studios, Motorola, Sea World, NBC, CNN, Reebok, Honda, the Smithsonian Institution, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, performers such as Kenny Loggins, and much more. Mark was the resident composer for the nationally recognized, award-winning Santa Barbara Access Theatre for over a decade.

He has composed 11 musical productions, staged in the USA as well as abroad, including such prestigious venues as Los Angeles’ James A. Doolittle Theatre and The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. His musical compositions for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival were an annual hit from 2003 to 2007. In 2011, he wrote the score for the award-winning animated film, “The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz.” In 2014, his work with the world-renowned Children’s Museum of Indianapolis landed him another Telly Award. Recently, he has focused more attention on expanding his work in the burgeoning world of games and apps. In 2015, he completed the music for a mobile game for the Singapore-based game company, Dreamrocket. He divides his time between Los Angeles and Chicago.

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