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Here at Blazing Cactus Music, we excite the senses through memorable emotive compositions. We believe that events, stories, and human experiences are enriched by the power of sound, and its ability to stir the emotions.

Founder Mark Henderson has over three decades of experience, including solo and collaborative projects with numerous notable companies such as DreamWorks, Motorola, Bausch & Lomb, and Sea World San Diego. His fresh, inspiring sounds stimulate the mind and promote solid values. His passion and inspiration enhance each project’s excellence, because he thoroughly enjoys the process of collaboration with every client, musician, and sound designer he works with, taking each idea from concept to reality.

Blazing Cactus Music provides inventive musical solutions for games, films, apps, commercials, and multimedia projects. Our professionally produced musical compositions ensure that every client shines. Because of our creativity, integrity, and keen insight, our long list of satisfied customers continues to grow.

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In addition to songs and commercial work, Mark’s now composing for Games, Book Apps and e-book projects. He gives fine attention to detail and has the ability to capture the true essence and character of a story with music. Partner with Mark today for your project.


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Music For the Movies In Your Mind
Music For the Movies In Your Mind
A Ramblers Soul
A Ramblers Soul

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Zak The Yak With Books On His Back

Someone’s In The Kitchen

Haunted House & Ratln’ Bones

Rugby & Reme music Smplr


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Terra Cotta Warrior


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